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CDE Software Integration


CDE Software Company and their software called Bowling League Secretary (BLS) is fully interfaced with Steltronic WINS and Focus management systems, allowing the league secretary or bowling center league coordinator to run multiple leagues without any difficulty. Once the league coordinator has setup the initial  league rules, dates to bowl, and other pertinent details, this information is 'exported' over to the Steltronic league management module. When the front desk cashier needs to send out a league to the lanes, with the click of a mouse, all of the team names, bowler names, bowler averages, and team/individual handicaps, the bowlers are able to start their practice and then move into league bowling competition.


When the league has finished bowling, all of the scores are automatically saved for the BLS software, which means your league coordinator does not have to enter in all the final game scores for each player. The BLS software can then generate standing sheets with all of the teams/& individual statistics. High games, high series, and team results are available within minutes of the last ball rolled in the league for the night.



















Each league standing sheet can be customized based on the type of league, then saved independently for each league. Standing sheets can be exported to PDF format for your own website, or uploaded to some of the favorite league standing sheet websites.





Unreal Bowling



Crunchy Logistics has released new features for Unreal Bowling, the world’s first interactive bowling solution. The new update brings complete integration for the Steltronic Focus scoring system. Bowling centers that use the Steltronic Focus scoring system will now be able to display player’s names on the lane as their turn arrives. Audio and video feedback keeps them engaged and excited as graphics like “Strike” and “Spare” punctuate their performance. Steltronic is the first automatic scoring company to be interfaced with Unreal Bowling.  Crunchy plans to release upgrades on a regular basis that will bring new features, deeper integration, and minimized maintenance.


"The Crunchy software teams work incredibly hard on the Unreal Bowling system with new updates consistently including animations/backgrounds and this integration.  We feel that this only enhances the interactive bowling experience and will really bring your bowling center come to life," says Neil Dufva, CEO of Crunchy Logistics.


About Unreal Bowling


Unreal Bowling is an interactive bowling experience that brings bowling alleys to life. High definition graphics and audio transform the lanes into an immersive experience that engages your customers in a way never seen before. Through simple additions to your existing lane, the bowling balls can become fireballs, comets, balloons, and many more. Mix and match them with backgrounds from a huge database that is updated monthly- even with your own requests.





















Ideal Software Integration



Through this integration, bowling centers will now be able to use the Ideal N•Site POS to sell lanes and integrate all attractions and profit centers, from food and beverage to party management to cashless, while using the Steltronic scoring system to control the lanes and games.


“We are excited to provide bowling centers with an integration between Ideal and Steltronic, a clear innovator in the art and science of automatic scoring systems,” said David Goldman, Founder and President of Ideal Software Systems. “With Ideal and Steltronic together, bowling centers can create a truly ideal customer experience.”


Ideal Software’s N-Site is the only Point of Sale system that fully integrates all profit centers in a bowling Family Entertainment Center (FEC), from party management to cashless and redemption to a complete food and beverage system. And because N-Site can interface with a facility’s scoring system, Ideal offers a seamless solution that enables them to increase efficiency and profits.


“Ideal N-Site allows bowling entertainment centers to untangle the web of systems they use to operate and become more profitable,” said Goldman. “Our system gives bowling centers a native approach with full integration of all components, which opens a world of opportunities that benefit the bottom line in every area of their facilities.”


Ideal N-Site empowers facilities with a universal system that includes a cashless debit card that can be used to play arcade games and purchase food, game play, timed entitlements, merchandise and more. Simplifying the process encourages customers to engage more during their visits, while having all sales points in the facility part of the same Ideal POS system enables the operator to access all functions from any station in the facility.


The Ideal POS system puts the owner in control of food and beverage with an unlimited number of customizable screens and powerful management functions such as open tabs for managing parties throughout the facility, plus the ability to split and combine checks and reassign items, seats and tables. Ideal is uniquely capable of handling everything from table assignment and kitchen display to deep features such as menu building, food inventory management and hold-and-fire order submitting.







Embed Cashless Systems




Embed is a worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, gaming, entertainment and leisure industries. As a leader in the market, Embed delivers a suite of applications designed to manage all areas of any entertainment facility. At Embed, our focus is on enhancing site revenues through the use of data capture, cashless payment systems, value-added packages, and guest loyalty programs.


Embed Systems are in use at entertainment venues around the globe with an installed user base at now more than 1000 locations worldwide. Because of its versatility, the Embed Suite of Applications can be used as an all-in-one solution to manage all areas of your bowling center or used to control only a specific part of the center.


The Embed system is fully integrated with Steltronic Focus systems, and Focus also has the ability to recharge the Embed card meaning your bowling center customers can add money yo the card from within any of the Steltronic Focus workstation computers.





Vantiv (formerly Mercury Payment Systems)

Credit Card Processing





If you’re not processing payments with Vantiv®, you are subject to software update costs, ongoing support fees and hardware costs, in addition to your regular merchant services fees. Unlike Vantiv, other processors are not integrated with your Steltronic point of sale system and require non-integrated hardware to support payments.


With Vantiv fully integrated into the Steltronic Focus system, there are no costs for technical support when processing credit cards, no charge for the credit card processing software, all transactions are 'end-to-end' encrypted meaning you have complete PCI and EMV compliancy.






Berg Liquor Controls



The Industry Leader, Berg developed the original liquor control systems and technology over 40 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most respected liquor controls and equipment available today Berg offers a complete line of liquor controls for liquor, beer, wineand other beverages, for a widerange of applications Berg has specialty liquor controls that meet Canadian requirements and jurisdictions requiring the most stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 18 certified installations. Most Berg liquor controls are certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards






Azbar Liquor Controls




Azbar Plus proudly manufactures the wide range of Azbar products. With 26 years of experience in the business, the variety of management products have made a significant impact in bars as well as in restaurants. The goal is to give you outstanding customer service with fast, professional and courteous advices.


In restaurants or in bars, whatever the drink, the Azbar control are the best in the business.







Lanetalk Scoring Integration





Lanetalk Scoring is an online service that interacts with the Focus score keeping system in your bowling center. From the time your bowling ball knocks over some pins and the score is displayed in the bowling center, it takes about 3 sec until it shows up on Lanetalk! This is the perfect solution for competition bowling; anyone from anywhere can watch your tournaments live from a desktop PC, wireless tablet, or cell phone.


The USBC Women's championship tournaments along with the Steltronic scoring system and Lanetalk, all of the tournament scores are instantly available.






XBowling Scoring Integration







XBowling is a social media type of app for viewing your scores at any of the Steltronic centers with XBowling integration. Your scores show up on your PC, tablet, or smart phone so you can share your experience with anyone in the world.







USBC Scoring Integration





In 2009, Steltronic created an interface for the scoring system of the USBC Masters, USBC Open Championships, USBC Women’s Championships, Intercollegiate Team and Singles events, USBC Queen's, Storm Bowler's Journal Tournament, World Women's Championships, and many other events managed by the USBC.


From  2009 - 2015, the Steltronic Focus tournament manager has been handling these events, and Steltronic is proud to say that when the USBC was searching for a commercial scoring system, the USBC had selected Steltronic because of it's advanced system features.





Sacoa Integration




Sacoa is the leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries with more than 1000 installations. It offers customized applications to manage and control all aspects of an entertainment facility.


Sacoa PlayCard includes great money making features impossible to achieve by traditional means or with other debit card systems.


System prevents cashiers cheating the operator or customers.


Pricing strategies and enhanced customer loyalty may be built and consolidated by PlayCard translate into significantly increased revenues.

While average card system revenues increase 20-30% over token or cash play, many of our customers report even higher earnings.


Each game and attraction may be priced according to its present entertainment value, and prices can be changed according to demand.


Players can recharge their cards at anytime.






CenterEdge Integration






CenterEdge Software offers the best management solution for the amusement, entertainment, and FEC industries. The CenterEdge  integrated suite of products allow you to manage your entire entertainment business from one complete software package.







Computer Sports Systems Integration




Computer Sports Systems has been providing solutions to the bowling industry for more than twenty years. With the new integration with Brunswick's Command Network system, the Steltronic Focus system is now integrated for those centers that want to keep their existing front desk command network system, while using all new scoring lane hardware.





Intercard Integration






Intercard, Inc. designs and implements Cash Management and Marketing System Solutions for the amusement and entertainment industries. Through cutting edge technology point of sale systems and by providing the most added value cash management solution to the markets we serve, Intercard systems work with the Steltronic Focus system.


Intercard, Inc., began providing management solution systems in 1979 and has grown to become a market leader in stored value cards for the casino and amusement industry and other applications in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia.








Micros Integration





With the popularity of the MICROS® terminals found throughout the world as a point of sale system for food and beverage, Steltronic is interfaced to the MICROS® system allowing the cashiers to open lanes, rent bowling shoes, pool tables, POS products, everything within our Focus software is interfaced with the MICROS® terminals to process payments.





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