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Our Storybook as told by the owners of Steltronic Scoring Systems

Just prior to the league season of 2012, we were forced to take back our center, which we had leased back in 1998. With only four weeks before our leagues were scheduled to begin, we needed to replace our automatic scoring system.


We called several scoring companies. They all told us the same thing – that it would be impossible to have scoring delivered and installed in time for our leagues to begin on time.


Then we called Steltronic! Their representative walked in our door, did a complete presentation and demonstration of their Focus/Vision scoring system. They guaranteed us that we would have our scoring delivered in two weeks and that the installation would be completed for our league season to begin ON TIME!


Just as Steltronic guaranteed, our league bowlers were able to start on time, and enjoyed our new scoring system. Steltronic provided a complete scoring and POS system to manage our center.

Their installation staff wasted no time and was efficient and courteous. They trained our staff and their scoring system has performed better than we could have expected.


Their follow-up service has been outstanding, with free technical support available to us 24/7.


When we needed a scoring company the most, Steltronic was there!

Jerry Thomas

Inca Lanes, Yuma Arizona

Steltronic Scoring Inca Lanes
Steltronic testimonial by Kings Bowl America


I also just wanted mention Dave Vazquez who in turn with Jim Osdale have always put up with my sometimes unprofessional manner with a very professional calm. Just want to make you aware that when I throw my occasional tantrums Jim, Dave and the rest of the team always respond in the best way possible.


Speaking for myself and Colonial Bowling & Entertainment we truly value that aspect.


If you need me to do anything to promote the service aspect of North America's Steltronic service team please let me know.


Thanks again.

Best Regards,


Kevin Mannes

General Manager

Colonial Bowling & Entertainment

Rose Bowl in West Virginia Steltronic testimonial

" I want to thank Steltronic technical support because of the great help we received yesterday (every day) but especially yesterday being Sunday that it takes you a very long time to solve our problem.




Alejandra Gamboa (Tepatitlan Mexico)

October 29th, 2012



" This is my first encounter with Steltronic Scoring. Not knowing what to expect, I am over-the-top pleased with our system. It works exactly like it should! Any problems we’ve had were self-induced (league sec / staff messing with settings).


Steltronic Technical Support solved our issues and helped me learn my way around the system.


I’ve installed many a Qubica (pre-QAMF) and worked on AS-80, Accuscore +/XL, Twelve Strike (XIIX), and the old MagicScore to name a few.


This system is a dream to work with. Love It!!


From a guy who’s been around the pindeck a few times….

I’d highly recommend looking at Steltronic if you’re looking for new scoring.


They treat you right! That’s PRICELESS!!!!


Thank You to the whole Steltronic team,

(this is NOT a paid advertisement for Steltronic! Nor do I work for them, I just love our system that much.) "


Oklahoma Bowling Center

August 28th, 2012

" I fully agree here, the staff at Steltronic is awesome and we don’t have to deal with them much since the system just RUNS! Aside from a SuperElex box going or a monitor board before we got flat screens we’ve had next to no issues with the system in my 3+ years dealing with it. I loved my Accuscore+ at my old place for it’s reliability and Steltronic is even better! "


Central New Jersey

" I’ll chime in here and say I agree. I worked at a center that did an install and they were wonderful. Fast and efficient and did it in a couple days!

I remember how nice they were and professional. Hope to someday work with them again in the future. I'll say again" you will not be disappointed with their product. "


Bartlesville, Oklahoma




With all your Good Wishes and Awesome Customer Support to resolve our Bowling issue and with His Grace

we launched our new FEC as planned.


Many thanks to you Phil, but for your total support, it would not have been possible.

It is people like you that make a difference. You are Truly a STAR for us.


Please accept our gratitude and heartfelt Thanks from our Fun Believable family.


Warm regards,

Anitha & Pavithra



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